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Incidents in the receipt of your shipment.

What if I get a package that is not in perfect condition?

Packaging with the utmost care and dedication using the necessary means for safe transport is not always sufficient, it is possible that during the trip to your home you may have suffered an accident and do not arrive in the same condition in which you left A Spanish Bite. How to act on that case?

1.- If the packaging is not in perfect condition, it has small GOLPES or MANCHAS.

1.1.- ALWAYS MAKE IT RECORDED ON THE CARRIER'S PACKING SLIP. "Packaging in bad condition, presents shock (or stains, as appropriate)", "Goods pending review".

1.2.- Take photo of the packing slip with your entry, photo to the package and send e-mail to along with your details (name, address, contact e-mail, order reference and date of the claim) within 24 hours from the signing of the reception. We will tell you how to proceed in each case.

1.3.- If once the package has been opened any or some products are broken or in bad condition, please proceed as indicated in point 1.2 and to greater include photos of damaged products as well as a brief explanation/description of the incident.

2.- If the packaging has bad conditions, GREAT GOLPE, MANCHAS (spillage of products by breakage..) DirectLY DO NOT RECEIVE THE PRODUCT. To record as the cause of the refuse "packaging in very bad condition".

We will not be able to accept out-of-time claims (it is the agencies that mark the protocol to follow and the deadlines for the claim to be accepted) or that do not follow the procedure indicated.